Saturday, September 23, 2006

Vegan Bday

Last week it was my friends , Eva, birthday

Eva is allergic to dairy and enjoys trying Vegan food. It turned out that she had never been to Native foods and there's where we went along with Cara.

We had Native Fries

Chicken fingers

And I had a Soul Bowl to go.

Everyone tried the chicken fingers and was impressed. Cara is allergic to chicken and can't eat it but loves the taste. I know she'll be frequenting NativeFoods now for those fingers.

The Soul Bowl was a new thing for me to try (sometimes it's good to step outta your box right?). I enjoyed how all the flavors complemented each other but next time I'll say no cauliflower.

Overall I think we all enjoyed it more than we had expected- which thrills me because now they'll both want to go there more often.
Baby Update
Richards Nephew was born!
Welcome Landon Lee Brokaw to the world!


Anonymous said...

That looks like a great restaurant. Those chicken fingers look so "real"--do you know what they really are?

So great to hear about the new baby! That's always happy news.

LB said...

I have yet to try Native Foods; maybe next week when I'm in LA!

By the way, I saw your question on Vegan Lunch Box, and it hasn't yet been answered, so here you go. Black Rice (aka "forbidden rice") is a kind of whole grain sticky rice, that actually cooks up purple! It cooks like a brown rice because of the hull. It's used a lot for rice pudding. Lotus Foods is a brand that you'll find in a natural foods store.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the foods look good! I'm happy you helped find a new restaurant for others to enjoy!

Do you not like cauliflower, or did you not like the mix or how they made it?

Oh! Happy birthday Landon Lee!!!! How exciting!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome baby Landon! It's always fun to have a new baby around.

I wish we had a Native Foods around here because that food looks so good. I have one friend that will try vegan foods and restaurants with me -- it's nice to be able to share that part of your life with someone so I'm glad your friends liked the food.

Anonymous said...

those chicken fingers look so amazing. I would love to figure out how to make something like that.

Anonymous said...

Oh good God! How I miss Native Foods. You are so lucky! Hooray for turning two friends onto Native Foods and delicious vegan food.

Congrats on the baby nephew! Can't wait to see pictures. I like the name Landon. Landon Brokaw sounds very important, like a CEO of a very large company!

Harmonia said...

Wow! Interesting food post! ;) Congrats to the new addition and family! Thanks for the comment on the kush post. Because of the coloring I think it was hard to see detail but after you mentioned that...I can see what you're does kinda look like sloppy joes! ;)

G said...

I was afraid to ask!!! LOL...That really is amazing, how 'real' those chicken fingers do look. Im glad they aren't. Proves you can still indulge in a 'junk food binge' and not feel bad about it, right?

Huggs, G

Annie said...

What are the chicken fingers made from??? They look good, even to me and I eat meat.(sorry).

Mary said...

I've never heard of Native Foods. What is it? Those chicken fingers look real. Are they?

Anonymous said...

I will have to take a look at my Native Foods Cookbook and see if any of those recipes are in there. The food looks really good! It's so great you have some friends who will be happy to eat there with you!

Fabulous news on the baby!

Carrie™ said...

I wish I had a Native Foods near me. I love me some fries! Those chicken fingers look good too. A little plum sauce for dipping, mmmmm. And I take it you're not a fan of the cauliflower. I have to have mine raw or practcally raw. Cooked too much and I don't care for it, unless it's in an Indian dish.
Yea for the baby's safe arrival. Will you be posting pictures?

Danielle said...

There's a restaurant here in DC that serves the forbidden rice (I was wondering how they got the rice to be purple). I love it. It really makes the dishes prettier than white or brown rice.

But wow, that food looks delicious. If I'm ever in SoCal again, I'll have to check out a Native Foods.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the restaurant looks great.

Congrats on Richard's nephew.

I love reading about your family dinners and your family trip. It is so cool that they all went meat free for the duration.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world, to your new nephew, Landon! Mazel Tov as we say :o)

You know i loooooooove Native Foods, Teddy! Love what you had. Delish, delish, delish!

Vicki said...

that's it, we're making it a point to go to native foods next time we're in la. Landon is such great name -- congratulations! :o)

pinknest said...

wow that looks pretty delicious. and i love the name soul bowl!

Anonymous said...

looks so real and yummy!
thanks for share the photos.