Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Taking care of that fish thing!

I posted a couple of days ago that I was craving fish and I got great responses. Today I attempted to satisfy my craving a traditional way- Miso soup (I added some noodles to make it filling)

The soup was good but missing my favorite part- NORI :-/. I didn't realize we were out of it until it was about time to take it off the stove. A little disappointing because I was looking forward to that ocean taste of nori. On the shopping list this week- NORI and some ground kelp to make some tuno.

I had a hankering for some baking. I decided to make some brownies. The recipe is loosely based off of Sarah Kramer's (La Dolce Vegan) Espresso Brownies. I didn't have all the right ingredients which forced me to make it up as I went. They turned out a lot more espresso-ey than I had intended but Richard loves them. I like them as well but apparently not as much as he did!

Tomorrow's lunch.

I like to cook my lunches the night before to avoid waking up at 4 am for cooking. Earlier today I was catching up on blogs when I noticed Leslie had made some tacos with a chili mixture filling. Those pictures put my chili need into overdrive. Therefore tomorrow's lunch will be black bean chili. I prefer my chili VERY chunky and for some reason I need corn in it (I guess it's not chili but south western chili). I added some of my Soycatash to the chili too. I've already snuck bites of it and I can't wait for tomorrow's lunch.

What do you put in your chili? Beans? Corn? Like it spicy or mild?



Raw Vegan Momma said...

I like it spicy. These days I put sprouted beans, corn, tomatoes, cumin, garlic, etc. and it's all raw. I usually make wraps for the leftover chili. I make the tortilla's in my dehydrator.

Anonymous said...

I still think a little like a meat eater when it comes to chili. I grea up on my moms chili, which had a little ground beef, lots of kidney beans, onions, and lots of canned whole tomatoes (easily veganized, and quite tasty that way).
Thats it, no black beans, no corn, no rice, and whatever else some people put in theirs and call 'chili.'
Corn in chili? Thats just not right! :)


Annie said...

I don't eat chili too often, but yours looks really good! :)

KnitNana said...

Would love to know your "recipe" as such for that lovely black bean chili...I generally use Fantastic Foods vegetarian chili and then make sure I use "mexican style" tomatoes with hot peppers. I grew my own peppers this summer on my little apt. balcony (I actually got 3 peppers! YEAH!).

Anonymous said...

YUM! I'm with you on the chunky chili with corn! Delicious!!!! And your brownies look fabulous as well!

Vanessa said...

My secret chili ingrediant is hominy. I have all the usual "red" stuff: tomatoes, kidney beans, chile poweder, then some black beans. But it's the white roasted corn taste of the hominy that makes it really stand out. And you can put it together from canned stuff in a jiffy!

Anonymous said...

Those stuffed peppers and the pizza looks great.. Yum!

Also, the pizza looks great too. I love black beans, chiptole peppers, orange juice, lots of cilantro and lime juice in my chili.. plus lots of hot sauce/salsa. Corn is a GREAT addition too... oh.. and of course, garlic, onion, green pepper, cumin , coriander, oregano, chile powder and olive oil

LB said...

I use hominy in my chili - I love the chewy texture. And either black or pinto beans. Cumin, chile powder, canned tomatoes (Muir Glen fire-roasted), etc., and if I have some around, canned green chiles.

Mmm. I think I need to make chili this week!