Monday, August 28, 2006

Thanks to Geraldine for tagging my kitty!

What makes Abbey terrific

1) I enjoy giving Richard and Teddy baths. LONG ones- at five in the morning (that's when you're the dirtest)

2) My real owner seems to rarely be home and I need a LOT of love so Teddy is my lover giver :)

3) I like to lick morning dew off of the leaves by my house

4) Just call me an EXPERT fly catcher (I know Teddy won't eat them but they're real tasty to me!)

5) BANG BANG BANG- I knock on Teddy's door to let her know I'm outside and in need of love.

I <3 Abbey

That's the most important thing

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The Mitz said...

Well done Abbey!!! sounds like your humans are in good paws.

Headbonks, Your Pal, The Mitz