Sunday, August 13, 2006

LA Tofu Festival 2006

Getting to LA yesterday was BAD. It took 2 and a half ours to get there (I only live about 50 miles away). By the time we finally arrived we were STARVING. But that was a good thing, because there was plenty to eat.

This is infront of the festival. Here's how it all worked. You paid $8 to get into the festival and then you purchase "script" which you traded for food. It was a dollar per script and most foods were 2 script. Since we were going to be there all day, Richard and I bought 20 script.

To start, I grabbed some edamame. I think it's a good start to any meal and it's tofu before it's tofu! ;)

Pad Sew ee- a Thai dish with large flat rice noodles, dark soy sauce, and thai basil. This was my favorite thing that I ate ALL DAY. I'm really starting to like these type of noodles. I've never made them myself though. I liked this so much that I didn't share with Richard haha.

For dessert we went to this tent. I thought their "tofu for adoption" sign was great.

We got the Mango sorbet that they were serving. It was very gooey and full of flavor.

Since I didn't share much of the Pad-sew-ee, Richard got himself "meat" skewers. I had a bite (as you can see) wasn't too bad.

Next was BBQ tofu in some sweet n sour sauce. I like the idea of putting the tofu on skewers.

A Soy Burrito for Richard. It's a better picture of his hand than the burrito haha.

After eating there were plenty of activities. I made a scarf here! Next door they had a button making booth. All of it was FREE

Richard's sporting the scarf I made :)

The fesitval had ins and outs. Since Richard and I were full, we headed out to see if there was a way we could you public transportation to get to the Outlet mall of LA (the Citadel).

Union Station LA- Built 1939 and gorgeous. There was no metro to the mall- there will be in 2009 though. Since we were there, we figured out how much it would be to use the Metro to get to LA (instead of driving in traffic)- only FOUR dollars one way. That's cheaper than gas and a lot less stressful. I think we'll be making more trips there now.

It was 7 and we were hungry again. Back at the festival they had some gazpacho with chunks of tofu. The soup was a little salty for my taste.

Pasta salad with fresh spring greens in a vinegarette.

Tofu, Walnuts, Shredded Carrots, and granny smith apples in a salt sweet sauce on a bed of lettuce.

Mango and sticky rice! One of my favorite Thai desserts.

The night ended with an ice cream sandwich. Chocolate ice cream and a chocolate chip cookie! a great way to end the day.

On the way out I bought a Tofu cook book, a LA tofu festival bag (to carry groceries in) and a set of Japanese bowls. I had a wonderful time and I'm really glad I went. This is going to become an annual thing for Richard and I- can't wait till next year!

Today is my day to relax- starting ... NOW :)



Anonymous said...

Wow! What a cool festival! And the pics of you two are so cute too!

Geraldine said...

Great post Teddy...thanks for sharing all the details of this event (such a great idea) and the yummy and cute photos...Too bad the drive in was so long!!!

Huggs, g

EatPeacePlease said...

Your day sounds and looks amazing. All that tofu! Yum. Thanks for sharing all of this fun and yum.

JAM*tacular said...

Um, wosw. Every town should have a Tofu Festival. Startin with mine :)

KleoPatra said...

Thank you for taking us along on your day. How awesome that was, you can just tell. The food looks so good! All those ways to prepare and enjoy soy, Teddy. Nice scarf, too. I love that you and Richard did this together, very sweet.

About that 50-mile drive that took forever... So sorry about that!!! I think you see why i rarely head to OC or LA. I'm not a SD snob, really!!! Too much traffic. But then again, for Native Foods, i would traverse whatever to get to Costa Mesa!

Glad you had fun. What a long day... Love Union Station, i've been there a couple of times. What a fun outing all things considered.

Hope you have a restful, fun Sunday and a great week ahead, Teddy!

Candi said...

Hi Teddy!! Nice to meet you too! :P

Lucky you going to the tofu festival!! I read about it on MySpace and wished I lived in the area! I'm happy you documented all the food you chose. MMM! It all looks so good!

Tofu for adoption! Lol! Cute!

I can't believe you got to make a scarf! I love it! I wouldn't know where to start with that project!

I'm glad you had a great day and thanks for sharing it with all of us!


tara said...

Oh man! This is about the only time I've wished I still lived in Orange County. That looks like so much fun. Glad you had such a great time, and so much great food!

Mary said...

Wow that sounds like a really fun festival!!! I wish people wouldn't be so scared of tofu.

Geraldine said...

Spreading the word.....

Anonymous said...

How very very very cool. Glad you had such a great time, despite the traffic. I love the "hip to be square' logo!
You've got me excited for the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival coming up in a few weeks.

Melody said...

That looks like so much fun! The food looks great... I wish we had a tofu festival here.

primaryconsumer said...

Ooh, that looked so fun! I wish they had a tofu festival around here!

karen said...

Hi Teddy- this is so cool that you went to a tofu festival! The food looks great- sounds like you an eventful and fun day!!! Thanks for sharing all the great food with us-(even if you wouldn't "share" your food with Richard :)

orangina said...

Thanks for the great pictures, Teddy! I could almost taste the tofu-goodness :) Sounds like a fun day! (I like your bandanna, by the way!)

Anonymous said...

You two are so cute. You seem very happy together. The tofu festival looks like it was a lot of fun. Small (very small) part of me wishing I still lived in OC. Sorry I've missed out on your last few posts. I keep trying to add you to my blog updater but it says your blog is not found (even though I copy it from your site). I'm not sure what the problem is. Agh!!! Bear with me. :(

Did you ever decide on a cat?

Pamela said...

yay for food festivals. we're going to Toronto's next month. I'm excited, it'll be our first time there.

We went to an organic food thing here in Ottawa last year, which was ok except that it included meat at many of the stations. But the vegan stuff was good.

Harmonia said...

I really wish I could have been there with you!!! Glad you had a great time! The pics are wonderful!!!

Sorry it has taken me a while but I wanted to let you know that I have moved my blog! Yup! A new addy! It's - swing by and check it out when you have time. My old one will still be active for the daily OM and blogroll. Hope to see you soon!

Danielle said...

Tofu festival? Sounds awesome.

OkraMary said...

mmm..the nun and milk (mango and sticky rice, you mentioned) is my FAVORITE dessert. They call it nun and milk at a thai place near me and the rice is cooked down in coconut milk and they sprinkle sesame seeds. Oh my goodness! I think I'm going to have to grab some tomorrow :)

Glad you had a great time!