Thursday, July 27, 2006


Picture courtesy of Cara's dog blog and it's one of my favorite breeds (b/c I've got Eskimo blood running through my veins!)

I am one tired pup!

I just found out that I have to go into work tomorrow at 6am and stay till around 5PM. I get paid OT but boy am I tired. When I'm this tired I don't care WHAT I eat. Just shove some food in front of me without any meat and I'll eat it.

No cooking tonight :( (and it really does make me sad). I need to go to bed now and it's only about 5:30 in the afternoon my time. I'll just grab a quick bite before bed.

Sorry for complaining but phew I am in much need of some R&R. Which brings me to my next topic- THE WEEKEND!

Here are my plans

Saturday I'm doing ABSOLUTELY nothing but sleep in and watch the GOOD EATS marathon on food network. I honestly admire Alton Brown for being so savvy about food. I know he's not veg at all but, no one's perfect eh? haha Besides, I can do the veg stuff here.

Okay time for bed

Talk with you soon!


PS Alton's new show "Feasting on Asphalt" begins on Saturday too! You should watch; he broke his collar bone filming it! eek


EatPeacePlease said...

I used to have a husky. Actually 2. This photo brings memories back... good ones!

pinknest said...

hope you got some sleep! sounds brutal. i didn't know alton brown had a new show coming on!

RunnerGirl said...

First off - I ADORE Alton! He is one of my faves on Food network!

You have such good taste Teddy!

Also - here is an article about vegan diets I thought you may be interested in perusing.

And on elast thing - thank you for the link to the lychee post! I LOVE lychee, and just missed that post somehow - thank you!

Urban Vegan said...

I watch tons of non-vegan cooking shows. I don't like looking at the meat, but I have to admit, I automatically veganize the recipes as they cook.

KleoPatra said...

I'm workin' all weekend again too... and no OT for me! Boo! Love the Eskimo dog. Of course, i love ALL dogs. Good reminder to visit Cara's blog. I forget to go there sometimes!!

Have a great weekend... find time to do some good stuff just for YOU, Teddy!

Carrie™ said...

Teddy I sympathize. I got called in the middle of the night on Tuesday and ended up working from 4am at my shitty job and then had to go to my fun job until 9pm. My sleep was all messed up which made me very cranky. My whole week has been messed up which is why I haven't been around. Tomorrow is my day off as well and I'm going to sleep, sleep, sleep, then do housecleaning. ICK! But this place is a wreck. It's so nice when it's all done though. Enjoy your marathon. Maybe I'll turn it on and sneak peaks in between scrubbing.

Melody said...

Oh you poor thing... I hope you get some much needed R and R..

Catherine said...

I am a huge AB fan, too. I own all three of his books, and watch "Good Eats" whenever I can find a little free cable at someone's house!

laura jesser said...

I love Good Eats... Alton Brown is very cool. I watched the marathon too (though I had to turn off the fried chicken episode--a little too much for me).

I wish the Food Network were more veg-friendly--then it would be just about perfect!