Saturday, July 15, 2006

Au Lac Restaurant

Helloooo tastey Veg food! (Au Lac)

Tonight I'm planning on taking Cara and her friend Eva (not sure how to spell her name) to Au Lac! I'll admit, it's been less than a week since I've been here but Cara says her friend is lactose intolerant and likes to try vegan food.

If this place is a success, I'll take them to Native Foods too.

My recommendations:
Fried Veggie "egg" rolls
Vietnamese BQQ vermicelli
and to drink a Young Coconut

I honestly think that if you're in the Southern CA area, this place is worth stopping by. It's a whole in the wall and those are the best spots to eat.

I couldn't find ANY pictures online of the place. I'm going to try and take some myself and post them.


Melody said...

That restaurant looks great! I am so jealous of all you bloggers who have good vegan food nearby.

Have fun!!

LB said...

Au Lac is one of our favorite restaurants, veggie or not! We live in Santa Barbara, but every time we make a trip down south, Au Lac is a must stop.

We always get the Pho (if you're not familiar with Vietnamese food, it's pronunced "fuh"), and either the spring rolls or BBQ "pork" rice paper rolls. Then there are so many other great choices. I really like the crispy soy "fish" with ginger sauce.

The portions are really big, definitely meant for sharing.

Carrie™ said...

Oh yes, please take pictures.

KleoPatra said...

Ooooooooh, sounds great, Teddy. I still haven't been to Mama Testa's... soon i hope! Where is this place, Au Lac?!

Urban Vegan said...

Mind if I tag along ;) ?

Geraldine said...

Sounds like great menu suggestions, hope your friends liked them too...