Thursday, June 01, 2006


*Warning- This blog may make you feel sick from the cuteness! : ) *

It's been a tough month with moving, finding new jobs and just getting used to having my boyfriend here.
Yesterday I came home and guess what?!
Richard bought me some chocolately sweets and had a card waiting for me.
The card said : "you had me at hello"

*open card*

"and yet you continued talking and almost BLEW the whole thing!!"

: )

it was too cute. (of course he wrote his own sentiments inside as well)

Well richard also knows about my extreme love for thai food (after living there for 2 months how could i not love it?!)
Low and behold, richard got me my favorite Thai for dinner tonight. This place is the most authentic thai I've ever had in America (and believe me, I've trying quite a few).

The only thing you need to worry about at this place is the fish sauce (tell them to hold it when you order) Oh yea it's called JASMINE THAI CUISINE (westminster, CA)

What a great bf I have. He definately knows the way to my heart- thru my stomach!! : )
Well, I do cook for him everyday hahaha I guess we have the same paths to our hearts


Broke Vegan said...

Oh, how sweet of him!! I absolutely LOVE Thai Food!

Anonymous said...

That is adorable...

Shananigans said...

Awww, so cute! That's so true about Thai food places, I always ask about fish/shellfish sauces.