Sunday, June 11, 2006


On Friday we missed the showing of Thank you For Smoking but today there's a noon showing and we're rushing to it now!

I haven't quite finished my Artichoke research but it will definately be posted tonight : )

While I'm gone check out VegginOut. It's a great new message board forum. It has
just about anything/everything you would need : A recipe area for lacto-ovo, lacto, vegan, vegan-raw, and juicing/smoothies, Health Benefit Articles, Book Reviews, Restaurant questions/reviews, Product Reviews for food, beauty items, MISC, and Veg Websites for research and resources, etc. There is also a place for pimping your blog and your veg businesses and books if you have them. Self-promotion IS allowed as long as it’s Veg-Friendly. Take a look and sign up today : )

Have a nice relaxing sunday guys



KleoPatra said...

How was the movie?!?!

VeganDoc said...

Did you notice that in "Thank you For Smoking" that even though the movie is all about smoking that you don't see a single character in the movie smoke a cigarette?

funwithyourfood said...

The movie was GREAT Kleo
I really recommend it

Veg Doc
I did notice that no one smoked. I thought it was great that they did that too. Good movie and I really like Adam Broody!


Ferocious Killer Kat said...

ok.. seeing the vegginout link on kleos blog I joined it only to realize I was banned the very next day.. only to realize a coupla days later that the reason for that was its a womens only forum.. u guys need to say that its a womens only forum in the text of your posts.. actually my bad i did not read the rules :-)