Friday, June 02, 2006

Kitty in a Box

Happy Friday night! I just got home from watching "Shop Girl" with Cara. I liked it but then again, I like Claire Danes and Jason Schwartzman. It's a bitter sweet romance. Anywho. Onto the REAL news. Kitty has made an appearance at the house again! I think I'm going to name her now. I like the name Abbey. We'll see how it works.

First thing I've learned is
Abbey LOVES boxes.

Night Numero Uno

Night Numero Dos

Cute eh? Well it's late, I'm tired. Tomorrow I'm posting about Wasabi!
Night night


pinknest said...

aww, she's adorable! i love animals who love boxes. :)

Geraldine and the Mitz said...

Cute doesn't even come close!!!! Abbey is a doll!!! I'm glad she found her way to you and on to your blog. Reminds me so much of our dear little Lois. She loved boxes too.

Thanks for the Veggie...comment.
Have a great Saturday.
Headbonks from the Mitz to Abbey and BFN, G :)

caroline brown said...

I've been meaning to visit and see the photos of your newest family member. :) Abbey is beautiful, I love long-haired all-black kitties. I'm so glad you took her in!