Sunday, June 04, 2006

Kale Dinner

Last night I cooked with a new ingredient for me ... Kale I wasn't sure what I was doing so I got some advice from Vegboards and it turned out GREAT I sauteed some shallots with the Kale, then added the beans and tomatoes (just to warm them through). I almost forgot, I put in a splash of rice wine vinegar with the shallots and kale as well. I threw some brown rice into the rice maker. PRESTO- dinner was made. For dessert was chocolate covered bananas (sorry no pics of those- they were eaten too quickly!) It's really hot tonight. I'm thinking about some sort of salad I can make. Any suggestions?


Vicki said...

It looks terrific, Teddy! I must cook some kale.

EatPeacePlease said...

I just made 2 salads.

Harmonia said...

You know what Vegan Momma got me hooked on a while back!? Kale, Carrots, and Onions...that's it...nothing more...cook til tender. It's so awesome!


This looks D-lish as well! :)
I just posted two entries.

Catherine said...

I usually make my kale with garlic and vegetable broth. I'll have to try shallots and vinegar next time! Yum.

pinknest said...

oh i love kale!! looks good. i wish i could've seen those chocolate covered bananas. :)

my favorite salad is a strawberry and mesclun salad, with a poppy seed dressing.

Anonymous said...

that kale looks great. kale is something I've never cooked with either. Did you get it in a regular grocery store? I never see it, but then again I never look for it!