Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I'm not feeling too hot tonight. Best for me to just hit the hay early.

We all should take advice from Garfield. I mean he's a cat that has lived for over 28 years (I think). He's been doing
something right.

But here's a preview for tomorrow

Of course the 'How to peel a grapefruit' It's not easy but well worth the work!


My new Quinoa recipe which I will be submitting to The Vegan Club for their contest.

I didn't get any great pictures of the food because I was starving and shaking a bit but you can get the idea :)

See you all tomorrow. BED TIME and time to get feeling a bit better. (everyone in my office is sick; I think I'll blame them haha)



Carrie™ said...

Teddy, I hope you get a decent sleep and feel chipper in the morning. I'll await your grapefruit peeling post tomorrow. I'll see if you peel yours the same way I peel mine. And yes, it makes a grapefruit much more enjoyable. I didn't like them when I was younger, but really, really like them now.
Is that picture from Stuff on my Cat? If you haven't checked out that site, do it. You'll pee your pants from laughing.
Looks like you had a wonderful Father's Day. I've never been to California, but I thought it was hot there in the summer like it is here. Last weekend was brutal! Another thing I find fascinating is a fig tree right there, plain as you please and Kleopatra posting about a neighbour who had a grapefruit tree. That's wild.

KleoPatra said...

The dish looks scrumptious. Hope you're feeling much better soon, Teddy!!!


Geraldine said...

Garfield is ALWAYS correct!!! Hope you caught up on your zzzzz's


Vegan Momma said...

I hope you feel better. It's good thatyou are listening to your body and getting your rest. :-)

primaryconsumer said...

I hope you feel better soon. :)

Anonymous said...

Teddy, your quinoa dish looks fabulous! Good luck with the contest! Hope you're feeling better soon!

a.k.a. wheatgermy!

Cara said...

ewww being sick sucks. someone in my office had strep. yuck.

I started feeling sick yesterday too. I hope we both beat it by today!

Melody said...

I hope you feel better..

the quinoa dish looks delicious!
Anything with beans, avocados and it looks like tomatoes or red peppers? Yum!

Isil S. said...

I hope you're feeling better now, hugs!

Tanya Kristine said...

sleep is good. i'd like to do more but a pesky thing called work gets in my way all the time.

anything with avocado is a good thing...

Anonymous said...

Teddy, I'm worried about you! You need to take care of yourself, you're the only daughter I have!

Let me know if I can bring you some veggie broth, or anything.


Generally_Speaking said...

You have a great blog! Just stumbled upon it and will be back for more. By the way, strangely enough, yesterday I saw Garfield in my dreams! He was telling me that life was too short to wake up early in the morning.

pinknest said...

oh, hope you feel better soon! sleep is the best cure.

karen said...

Thanks for visiting my my blog! I love quinoa. It looks like there are pieces of avocado in it! Can't wait to see the recipe!

funwithyourfood said...

aww thank you guys for your support.

Getting everything done takes a lot outta ya sometimes