Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Pea Soup

Here's the recipe for the pea soup I made last night
I never liked pea soup until I had this one! It's probably b/c it doesn't use split peas

But FIRST...
Pictures of the kitty that hangs out around my house

Her official name is "KITTY". Gorgeous huh? : )

This is how she sits when I'm blogging. (It's in my Ikea desk)

About 1 lb of Either fresh or frozen peas
1 Leek
1 Shallot
about 1-2 tablespoons of chopped fresh basil (actually TraderJoes had frozen cubes of basil that work GREAT if you can't get fresh basil)
Salt and pepper to taste.

First clean the Leeks (refer to my post on Leeks if you need any pointers)
Chop shallot
Combine leeks and shallots in frying pan (medium heat) with oil until veggies become translucent. Add basil
While those are cooking- cook your peas as you normally would
Drain peas and put into pan with the leek mixture (just so the flavors blend together a bit.)
Add half of the mixture into a blender of food processor and blend till and large chunks are gone.
Repeat with the second half of the mixture.
I like to add a little splash soy milk while I'm blending too.
Put it all in a bowl (reheat if necessary)

You can strain it if you don't like chunky soup but I prefer the extra texture.

Let me know what you think. I'm trying to build a bunch of recipes so that eventually I can make a cookbook : )


KleoPatra said...

I wonder... what is the difference between peas and split peas? I never knew there even WAS a difference in taste or otherwise. What a dork *i* am. Some vegetarian here, 'eh?!

My mom makes a fab pea soup (now i'm not sure if it's split or regular!) that when i was a kid, i would actually LICK the BOWL when i was DONE! oy.

i was a foodie then, i'm a foodie now...

This looks super delish and that cat IS gorgeous too!

The Vegan Club said...

Have-a-bite, you do not need an invitation at all! Invitations are just a way to get us started, to let people know we started the club! Nothing more! We started with vegan blogs we were reading at the time but we know there are so much more we still need to get to!!! Actually thanks a lot for getting to us befre we got to you! I am counting you in The Recipe Club if you allow me! We wold be delighted to have you on board!!!
Also, would there be a vegan recipe you are willing to share with us? Let us know! You can email me (Tacita) at wild treehubber (AT)yahoo.com

Vicki said...

hi teddy ~ told ya i'd be back for the pea soup recipe! *yum* thanks for posting it...i'll let you know when i try it. lovely cat, btw. :o)

Vicki said...

ps - i love your new look! nice graphics at the top.

KaiVegan said...

Well, "hello Kitty!"

How's the blog changes coming along for you? I like your homepage images a lot:)

Now I wonder what the next item of the day would be...

Harmonia said...

WOW! Pretty awesome *new* header graphic! Neat!

My MwM are up! Hope all is well...

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funwithyourfood said...

Hi guys
Thanks for the compliments on the new look. I've never used html or anything really.. im just learning as i go. kind of fun in a I-a-huge-nerd-way hehehe

I'l be stopping by all of your blogs soon : )


Geraldine said...

Wow....your kitty visitor is beautiful....but the name, come on now, something more original is surely in the works right!!!

Also, re: banner, you know I never actually saw the top part before tonight, when your blog comes on screen, it starts at the green, the photo I just happened to see tonight when I accidentally pushed an up arrow, honest!!!

Thanks for stopping by Veggies...youre right I can't sit still, Im off the screen for tonight!!!! Huggs, G :)

caroline brown said...

I like the new header of your blog, Teddy. And your "kitty visitor" is so pretty. I hope s/he (?) becomes permanent!