Sunday, May 21, 2006

Mama Testa's

Every time I drive down to San Diego I look forward to this place. They are Veg friendly and probably the tastey-est Mex I've had.
Take a look!

They have some of the best salsa! and plenty of it : )

I had the Guaca Tacos (it's tacos filled with avacados, lettuce, fresh salsa with some SPICY jalpenos and some sort of Mexican cheese- easily made vegan for those who prefer it!)

Richard had Muchos Machos- soft tacos with poblano peppers on the inside. I stole a bite or two, they were wonderful but my fav will always be the Guaco Tacos

Don't forget to say Hola to the Mr. Mariachi while you're there too!

Okay it's bed time for this girly.

I'll write more about this weekend later : )
Night night!


KleoPatra said...

Teddy, is this in San Diego? WOW! Where is it?!! i don't know this place but i want to. Can you tell me more about it?! For vegan and vegetarian Mexican food, i always go to Rancho's, in Ocean Beach...

Nothing's better than Native Foods, but until they open a place in San Diego, i make do with what's here w/the occasional trip up your way...

Have a great week!!!

Harmonia said...

I went out for Mexican this weekend too! Enchilada! Oh! Swing by when you can - I posted a recipe with a pic!

funwithyourfood said...

Hi Kleo
I totally forgot about Ranchos! That place is great too. There's also a vegan veg place down town. Pokee's or something like that (off of broadway I think)
Native foods is my FAV too! Actually there used to be a place in huntington beach called Happy Veggie but it closed down. : (
Mama Testa's is in the Hilcrest area off of University Ave. If you like Horchata they have the best I've ever had. Their potato tacos are great too.
You can find the actual address on I think.
Tell me how you like it!

KleoPatra said...

Yeah! Pokez! I go there too!! They have some amazingly fabulous veg food. And they advertise in the O.B. People's Co-op monthly newspaper/newsletter, so I have a stash of coupons for them that I keep handy for when I'm around those parts. They're right by the new stadium where the Padres play baseball - PETCO Park. (Not the biggest fan of Petco stores here, but I digress...)

I love that you know about Ranchos!

I know all about SignOnSanDiego... it's a subsidiary of my workplace! :o) I will check for Mama Testa's but I'm sure I've driven and walked by that place hundreds of time. Hillcrest is such a quirky and cool area. I am going to check Mama Testa's out this week! Thank you for the head's up.

I have dreams about eating Native Foods pizzas! And almost everything else on their menu.

Next time you are down here, may I recommend (HIGHLY!) Sipz, which is on Clairemont Mesa Boulevard, right off the 805 freeway? It's almost completely vegan and the food is unreal. The menu is expansive, not expensive! And next door is a fab second-hand store where I donate stuff to all the time (and I buy from them whenever possible). All their proceeds go to help animals... APRL is the name of the group that runs the thrift store.

Thanks for writing back about this all and giving me the opportunity to write back as well!!